Albert Einstein

Historical Position

German Physicist


Car Salesman and Mathematician

Appeared in

Big Al's Big Secret

Voiced by

Danny Mann

Albert Einstein was a German theoretical physicist from the 1900's, famous for creating the formula "E=mc2." He appears in "Big Al's Big Secret."

In the episode, Einstein is a rich car salesman in Texas. He has abandoned his life of a physicist because it did not earn him much money, and has married a Texas woman who does not know he is a genius. He goes by the name "Big Al" and denies knowing who Einstein is when Time Squad comes looking for him, but is discovered by Otto when he complains about being overcharged to a waitress. Otto later has Larry disguised and has Larry speak to Einstein about an incorrect formula, which Einstein revises, exposing himself.

He explains to Otto that he was poor as a physicist, and that he is rich and famous now, so if he reveals himself, his customers will hate him. He spots the disappointed Otto in a crowd at his big sale announcement later, and then reveals himself to everyone that he is a genius. This angers the crowd, but Otto intervenes, saying the Einstein is a great man and that intelligence is not a bad thing. Einstein is later seen receiving the Nobel Peace Prize "for being a math genius."


Einstein has his classic white hair reaching down to his neck, and has a flat white mustache. He is short, just barely taller than Otto.

As Big Al, Einstein wears a cowboy outfit with a large hat. He wears a pale yellow shirt under a white fringed waistcoat, and has a large belt buckle with a bull on it. His hat is white with a red stripe, and he has brown boots with spurs.

As Einstein, he no longer wears a hat and wears a white shirt under a red vest.


Einstein is a very cheery character, even if his happiness is mostly fake. He clearly misses using his knowledge in every-day thinking, but likes being a rich and famous car salesman as well. He has a very amiable car-salesman persona, being persistent on selling a car to Time Squad and keeping his prices low for his customers. When Time Squad comes looking for him, he nervously denies knowing being Einstein, not wanting to be revealed. When Otto finds out who he is, he tells Otto that he is sorry to disappoint him, but eventually Otto's disappointment wins out and he decides to reveal himself to everyone.

In HistoryEdit

Albert Einstein was a German theoretical physicist. He is famous for developing the mass-energy equivalence formula and for his general theory of relativity. He had published over 300 scientific papers, and is known today as one of the world's greatest geniuses. 

According to OttoEdit

“He was the greatest physicist to ever live!”



  • Historically, Einstein received the Nobel Prize, not the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Big Al's character is similar to that of Doug Dimmadome from The Fairly Oddparents, although Doug Dimmadome appears after "Big Al's Big Secret" was aired.
  • In "Planet of the Flies," Tuddrussel mentions that he thought Einstein was the one who "invented gravity."