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Planet of the Flies

Cavemen were the earliest version of humans.

In the Show Edit

They appeared briefly in "Planet of the Flies".

In the episode, the cavemen are having trouble creating fire to cook their meat. (The trouble is that they don't seem to be doing anything.) When Otto fails to help them, Tuddrussel impatiently ignites their meat with his laser gun, and the team prepares to leave.

Appearance(s) Edit

The cavemen (who are all men) wear simple pieces of clothing and all have rugged hair. Some of them have leafy beards.

Personality Edit

Unknown, except that they are extremely dim. They sit around the meat, acting like they are being warmed by a fire.

In Real History Edit

Caveman is a term used to represent the primitive man in the Paleolithic. It's usaully shown as a human being with "simian" or ape-like features. Many people believed cavemen discovered important things such as fire and the wheel, but there's no exact information about when and who discovered those.

Trivia Edit

  • Otto has no information on cavemen when the team gets the mission.
  • The cavemen never learned how to create fire, so the mission should not have been completed.