Historical Position

Chinese Philosopher


Book Store Owner and Writer

Appeared in

Confucius Say... Way Too Much

Voiced By

James Sie

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher from around 551 BC. He appears in "Confucius Say... Way Too Much."

In the episode, Confucius made extremely long stories out of his teachings, and nobody wanted to buy them. When he insists on reading one of his books to Time Squad, they fall asleep. When Tuddrussel woke up, he asked what the point was of the story, and Confucius gave him a simple phrase, "He who knows nothing, doubts nothing." Tuddrussel later decides that Confucius was insulting him and beats him up.

This did not solve the problem, and Confucius just ends up writing even longer books. In response to this, Tuddrussel went to beat him up again without explanation. Later, Confucius lengthened his books even more. Otto went to talk to him, and Confucius was terrified, apparently thinking Otto was just as violent as Tuddrussel. Otto asks Confucius to shorten his books into catchy phrases, which he agrees to, as long as Tuddrussel wouldn't hurt him. Confucius ends up being very successful, selling random merchandise with his sayings on them, like t-shirts.


Confucius is an elderly man dressed in a purple robe. He wears a thin, wooden hat on his head. His hair is gray, and he has a thin mustache under his nose. He apparently has one tooth.


Confucius is shown as an innocent man, just wanting to spread his wisdom with the world. He attempts to do this by writing his teachings into large books, but nobody wants to read them. His desire to share knowledge should have made it easy for Time Squad to correct his methods, but unfortunately Tuddrussel was insulted by one of Confucius' morals and continually beat him up to teach him a lesson. Confucius attempts to be a generous salesman despite Tuddrussel's violence, and he is too scared to defend himself when Otto approaches him. Confucius found joy at the end of the episode when he had people accepting his teachings, showing how much he cared for spreading knowledge.

In HistoryEdit

Confucius was a Chinese politician, teacher, and social philosopher. His teachings about morality and respect inspired the popular belief Confucianism, which became a valuable part of ancient Chinese culture. Confucius' teachings are collected in The Analects.

According to OttoEdit

"He's one of the most important philosophers of all time! His concise sayings on the subject of duty, learning, and filial piety are a cornerstone of the Asian civilization."