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Day of the Larrys
Season 2, Episode 8a
Day of the Larrys Titlecard
Mission n/a
Historical Figure/Event n/a
Time 100,000,000
Place Time Squad Satellite
Aired March 21, 2003
Directed by Dave Wasson
Written by Michael Karnow, Dave Wasson, and Carlos Ramos
Storyboards by Brandon Kruse
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Synopsis Edit

Sick of doing all the chores, Larry decides to use his spare parts to make clones of himself. Before long, things get out of hand as the Larry clones transform the domisphere into a resort.

Plot Edit

We start off looking at a horrible mess inside the satellite. Furniture and appliances are broken, junk lies everywhere, graffiti is sprayed on the walls, chairs are on fire, and a wild raccoon scrounges in the garbage. Larry stands in the middle of this, exhausted at having to clean up the disaster.

The satellite is a mess thanks to Tuddrussel and Otto's new game: Super Extreme Spy Tag. This game causes them to become recklessly violent to each other as they tear up the entire satellite in order to try to injure the opponent. After Larry gets hit with the washer (which was meant for Otto), Larry yells at Tuddrussel, telling him that he's at his wit's end from having to be constantly cleaning up after him and Otto. Tuddrussel and Otto ignore this and continue to play.

Later while cleaning up the kitchen, Larry's arm breaks, making him have to retrieve a spare. Larry goes to a utility closet filled with spare parts. While hooking up a new left arm, he reflects on the injustice of having to clean and serve humans. Using his new arm to grab a spare head, Larry suddenly gets an idea on how to make his life easier.

Larry builds his own Larry 3000 clone while Tuddrussel and Otto are none the wiser. He immediately hands the clone a long list of chores and happily tells him that he plans on relaxing in his place. The new Larry, while disheartened about the job, gets to work and has the kitchen cleaned up in good time. Once it's complete, however, Tuddrussel and Otto come in to eat, and make a complete mess again. Beaten from the very first ill-fated attempt at cleaning, the new Larry does the exact same thing that the original does: make a new clone and order him to clean up.

The clone Larry then joins the original in the domisphere to paint landscapes. The original Larry at first protests, but this new Larry flatters him by complimenting his painting. The original Larry reconsiders "as long as the chores get done".

Later, Tuddrussel and Otto are walking down the hallway towards the domisphere playfully arguing about who got more injured by whom previously in their tag game. Otto notices that Larry has passed by them three different times while walking and tries to ask Tuddrussel if he's noticed something strange about him. The question is dropped as they open the door to the domisphere and see a slew of Larry clones frolicking and doing various outdoor activities including bike riding, card playing, and croquet. Tuddrussel feels uncomfortable and doesn't want to believe what he's seeing. Otto asks how this happened, and one Larry confronts him, saying, "Well, you two wouldn't help with the original Larry with the chores. So he built another Larry, and so on and so on and so on." Otto wants to straighten this problem out by finding the "true" Larry 3000.

While Buck and Otto look for Larry in the makeshift nightclub for robots that the Larry clones had built, the original Larry looks around in the domisphere trying to find something to do. He soon finds all the lines to be able to play cards or play croquet and the unauthorized usage of his things to be too much for him. He goes to where the nightclub is, and a tough Cockney-accented Larry bouncer immediately tries to shoo him away for not being on his list of guests. At that moment, Otto and Tuddrussel are seen leaving the club and Larry becomes relieved to see them. Tuddrussel doesn't believe at first if he's the real Larry and asks if he has identification to prove it. Larry pleads with them to help him get rid of the clones, which Tuddrussel gladly accepts.

The Time Squad come ups with a plan to lure the Larry clones into the airlock by saying that the room is going to house a bingo tournament with a grand prize. The trick works, and they manage to get all the Larrys into the room and purge them from the satellite. Suddenly, another Larry approaches them, claiming that he'd been napping and was wondering what was going on. The first Larry quickly tells him that bingo in the other room. The other Larry gets excited and starts walking to the door, but stops when he realizes that room is the airlock and becomes suspicious. Tuddrussel shoves the Larry into the airlock and slams the door shut. The trapped Larry pleads and tells him that there's was a mistake and that he's the real Larry. He doesn't believe him and unceremoniously purges him from the satellite.

Tuddrussel and Otto express how glad they are that everything is back to normal and how great it is to have just the "real" Larry again. Larry laughs maniacally, saying "Yes, the real Larry!" in a very ominous tone. This is ignored as Tuddrussel hands him a mop and orders him to start doing chores again. Otto attacks Tuddrussel with shaving cream, beginning their game all over again. Larry weeps as he begins to mop up the mess they leave.

Trivia Edit

  • Larry's self-portrait is done in the style of Thomas Gainsborough's The Blue Boy.
  • Some of the boxes in the utility closet are labeled "L2K". Larry's model number is L3K.
  • After activating the duplicate Larry for the first time, the original Larry exclaims "Happy Birthday!" This is in reference to Frosty the Snowman, whose eponymous character says the same thing after he comes to life.
  • The music playing in the Larry nightclub is the instrumental of Donna Summer's Bad Girls. The cowboy Larry in the nightclub also references the song by chanting "aww, bang-bang, aww, shoot-shoot" when he wields his phasers. In Bad Girls, the phrase "aww, beep-beep, aww, toot-toot" is repeated often.
  • All of the duplicate Larrys speak with the same voice as the original Larry except for the bouncer at Studio 3K, who speaks with a rough Cockney accent.
  • The bouncer Larry wears a New York Yankees baseball cap.
  • It is left ambiguous at the end whether or not the original Larry is the one that remains with Buck and Otto. When asked about this, Carlos Ramos (a writer for the show) stated that "Larry is Larry forevermore. I doubt deep space actually killed him".[1]

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