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Edgar Allan Poe

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Every Poe Has A Silver Lining

Edgar Allan Poe's Poems are fictional poems created by Edgar Allan Poe. He reads them to Time Squad in "Every Poe Has A Silver Lining." Some are happier versions of Poe's actual poems, and some are pieces of advice that he uses in the episode.

"The Bear"Edit

( Based on Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven." )

Once upon a sunny morning, while I was out hiking and exploring,

I came upon a big bear snoozing all composure I was losing!

I soon returned home for some napping when suddenly there came a tap tap tapping!

As of something gently rapping, rapping at my bedroom door.

“’Tis some visitor,” I said with glee.

“tapping at my bedroom door.

Only this, and nothing more.”

When soon it entered with a roar!

It was The Bear from before!

All the while he came back because I dropped my fanny pack.

And we were best friends forever more.

"The Pink Kitten"Edit

( Based on Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Black Cat." )

Once upon a time, a tiny pink kitten came out of the tree,

Well, wouldn't you know, it was just meant for me.

Later that day, we ate cookies and tea.

Happy together, kitty and me.

Works by Edgar Allan PoeEdit

  • "The Bear" instead of "The Raven".
  • "The Sweetheart Tale" instead of "The Tell-Tale Heart".
  • "The Poesy and the Parasol" instead of "The Pit and the Pendulum".
  • "The Pink Kitten" instead of "The Black Cat".

Charred Forest AdviceEdit

“When you’re losing and not winning, remember every ending’s a new beginning!”

Hospital AdviceEdit

“When life starts to get you down, there’s nothing better than a clown!”

Maryland Cemetery AdviceEdit

“When things are looking gloomy and not going your way, just think of pretty colors and that will make your day!"

After Angry OutburstEdit

(Referring to the cake with pink frosting)

Poe's house

As I slaved upon a stove one night

To make a treat of pink delight,

Eggs and flour were chosen with care,

Not knowing my feelings would turn to despair.

“Too dry,” was muttered. “Too dry,” indeed.

Deep down my heart could only concede,

Now as nighttime turns to dawn,

My thoughts of joy are dead and gone.