Eli Whitney
Char 50760

Historical Position

Inventor of Cotton Gin


Store owner

Appeared in

Eli Whitney's Flesh-Eating Mistake

Voiced by

Tom Kenny

Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin. He appears in "Eli Whitney's Flesh-Eating Mistake."

In the episode, Eli Whitney owns a shop called "Eli Whitney's Inventitorium," where he was responsible for creating an army of flesh-eating robots in an attempt to help mankind. He admits to Otto that he really didn't think this through. After the robots are destroyed by Tuddrussel's phaser, he is upset, and wonders how else he could help mankind. When the townfolk are admiring Otto's cotton shirt, he becomes inspired to invent a machine to separate the cotton seeds from their fibers to make cheap, comfortable clothing. Larry helps him in naming the cotton gin.


Eli Whitney is a stout, slightly balding man with dark brown hair and a unibrow. Dressed in late 1700's style, Eli Whitney wears a pale yellow shirt under a light brown waistcoat, and he wears a dark brown jacket over these. He also wears black breeches and small, brown buckled shoes. He has a small red bowtie tied to his shirt.


Eli Whitney appears rather dim-witted in the episode, as he created flesh-eating robots to help mankind without knowing how they would do so. He seems to be rather slow on thinking, as he was easily distracted by Larry, who he thought was a brain-eating robot, while Otto was contradicting his idea. Despite this, he seems to recognize that he should use his inventing skills for the benefit of mankind, and demonstrates this by deciding to help people by making affordable, comfortable clothing in the end.

In HistoryEdit

Eli Whitney is most known for inventing the cotton gin, but he also was a famous inventor of interchangeable parts in weapons like muskets.


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