Founding Fathers
Founding Fathers

Notable Members

Samuel Adams, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Rush, George Washington

Group appeared in

Tea Time for Time Squad, Floundering Fathers

The Founding Fathers is the name of a group of men who were involved in winning America's independence. The entire group never appear in one episode, but some members have appeared as major or minor characters in "Tea Time for Time Squad," "Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag," "Floundering Fathers," and "Father Figure of Our Country."

In "Tea Time for Time Squad," the members are Samuel Adams and John Hancock from the Sons of Liberty, who need to be convinced to be rebels and to protest against the King. The Sons are civilized and have fancy tea parties instead of being radical rebels. When even Tuddrussel is unable to toughen up the Sons, Otto gives them coffee, which energizes them with caffeine and sets them off to the Boston Tea Party.

In "Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag," the members are Samuel Adams and John Hancock as well as George Washington, who needs help because his soldiers are now hippies. Time Squad is unable to transform the army and gives up, but Adams and Hancock suddenly appear and give the army coffee, which turns everyone in it into a hooligan as well.

In "Floundering Fathers," the members are John Adams, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Franklin has quit working on the Declaration of Indpendence, and with Otto sick and unable to come on the mission, Larry and Tuddrussel are left to decide what to do. Tuddrussel ends up beating everyone up and Larry accidentally helps Franklin create the light bulb before Otto is brought back to restore order.

In "Father Figure of Our Country," George Washington is sick of being treated like a cheap celebrity and wants to take a break with Otto after being mobbed at Thomas Paine's talk show. Tuddrussel gets upset when he thinks Otto wants to stay with Washington and is prepared to fight for Otto before Otto intervenes.

In HistoryEdit

The Founding Fathers of America were colonists who took part in fighting for America, whether it was by signing the Declaration of Independence or fighting in the Revolutionary War.