George Washington Carver
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American Botanist, Inventor with Peanuts


Inventor with Peanuts

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Kevin Michael Richardson

George Washington Carver (1860s-1943) was an American botanist from the late 1800's and early 1900's who is famous for discovering about 100 different uses for the peanut.

In the Show Edit

He makes his debut in "Nutorious". In the episode, Time Squad comes to Tuskegee, Alabama to deal with George W Carver, but is surprised to see that he is doing what he is famous for. Upon receiving the key to the city by the mayor, Carver's evil brother Todd W Carver arrives and hypnotizes the citizens to attack the mayor and George. 

Otto has an idea to use Carver's newest use for the peanut (peanut glue) to trap the hypnotized citizens in place, and Carver's evil brother is arrested after this is done. George then says that he plans to make his peanut glue into a snack, peanut butter.

Appearance Edit

Carver is an aging man, having a gray mustache and gray hair. He wears a white shirt under a brown suit with suspenders, and has a small bow tied on his collar.

Personality Edit

Carver is a very kind, cheery man who is just happy to be spreading the news about the possibilities and benefits of the peanut. He doesn't seem to bear any animosity towards his younger brother, who hates peanuts. Despite being a celebrity in Tuskegee, Carver isn't egotistical, giving all credit to the peanut.

In Real HistoryEdit

George Washington Carver was an American botanist who is famous for discovering around 100 different uses for the peanut. Although he did have a brother, his fate is generally unknown. He also promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil deplention, in order to help poor farmers of the time. He even was a promoting enviromentalist. In 1941, Time magazine named Carver a "Black Leonardo".

Trivia Edit

  • Tuddrussel predictably mistakes Carver for President George Washington, thinking Carver was "the one who chopped down the cherry tree".
  • George is the only historical figure in the series who follows his historical accuracies.
  • The Carver presented in Time Squad is one of the greater inaccuracies to the actual person. In actual history, George Washington Carver was a very lithe man with an unusually high-pitched voice, who despite being recognized for his work with peanut products, saw no commercial success from them. Carver was also not responsible for the creation of peanut butter used in modern times, a common misconception the product was one of his inventions.