Hippie Guy
Hippie Guy


Soldier, Hippie

Appeared in

Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag

Voiced by

Daran Norris

The Hippie Guy is one of George Washington's soldiers. He appears in "Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag."

In the episode, Washington's soldiers have been convinced by Betsy Ross to join her hippie farm. The Hippie Guy is the hippie who greets Time Squad and explains how "Moonbeam" revolutionized the way people think.


The Hippie Guy wears a brown vest that exposes his chest and blue pants without wearing shoes. He still wears his black colonial hat, and he has a long brown ponytail with a blue ribbon. He apparantly has a small beard, and his eyes are a faint pink.


The Hippie Guy is extremely moved by the idea of equality, and was spellbound when Ross told him that "we are all one." He is excited about Ross' ponchos, and briefly argues with Tuddrussel when he insults the farm's "trippy" music. After drinking coffee, he gets a lot more energized.