J.T. Lazer is a Time Squad officer that serves alongside his partner, the Lance 9 Trillion. In the episode "Out With The In Crowd," his unit comes to check in on Tuddrussel's after Larry fails to report to headquarters about their mission to help Sir Henry Morton Stanley in Africa.


J.T. is muscular and of average weight and build. He wears a typical Time Squad uniform with his blond hair sticking out of the front.


While on the job, J.T. acts like the perfect time cop. With the help of his highly advanced robot partner Lance, J.T. handles dire situations with calm dignity and professionalism. However, once he drops the act, J.T. shows arrogance, impatience, rudeness, and a cruel sense of humor.

J.T. was a popular student at the Time Squad Academy, and apparently was very cruel to Tuddrussel while they were going through training. Tuddrussel thinks of the treatment as just fun and games between friends, believing that J.T. is actually a good person and a comrade to trust.


  • According to Tuddrussel, J.T. graduated at the top of his class and was voted most likely to become Time Squad Commissioner one day.
  • Carlos Ramos, one of the show's writers, said that J.T. Lazer and the Lance 9 Trillion were being set up as villains for the series. When asked, he said, "Oh yeah! We loved those a-holes. They would’ve been serious series villains if we could’ve made more episodes."[1]
  • Ramos also stated that J.T. Lazer was an homage to TJ Lazer, a fictional future cop from Robocop.[2]