Joan of Arc was and is considered a heroine of France who led the battle between England & France. She makes an appearance in "Ex Marks the Spot".

Joan of Arc

Historical Position

War General



Appeared in

Ex Marks the Spot

Voiced by

Grey DeLisle

In the episode, Joan is working on the printing press in a Print shop. When Officer Tuddrussel , Larry , and Otto Osworth arrive looking for Johannes Gutenberg, Arc is beating on a printing machine calling it 'stupid' because she can't figure it out. Otto questions why shes there instead of Gutenberg. As Sheila Sternwell and XJ5 arrive a few miles away the gang arrive, with Tuddrussel bringing her forth not after giving him a piece of her mind to unhand her. Once Otto sets things straight to Joan, both her and Johannes return to there place as she mounts a horse and sword in hand.

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Joan of Arc is a

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