Johannes Gutenberg was a German blacksmith, printer, and publisher from 1439. He makes an appearance in "Ex Marks the Spot".

Johannes Gutenberg

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Appeared in

Ex Marks the Spot

Voiced by

Jeff Glen Bennett

In the episode, Johann is running the battle against France and England. He seems to not figure out why the men are losing, as he explains the detail of his map he made admiring his work to it. One of the soldiers reach to pleading for help but he's too focused on not getting the map crumbled. Sheila Sternwell and XJ5 arrive looking for Joan of Arc but find Gutenberg instead. Upon seeing them he is fascinated by XJ5 and questions his design, Sheila wonders where Joan is as XJ5 takes a blood sample for DNA analysis. Later the gang arrives with Joan and get them back to their respected roles. He claims is makes much more sense doing movable type.

Appearance Edit

Johann is a short man with heavy greenish coat, a gray metal hat, and red striped plants. He has very enormously large pink nose with a dark grey beard separated into two knots holed by bows.

Personality Edit

Johann is only shown a little bit in the beginning. He is depicted being very passionate at admiring his printed map going into the details making that make up what his printed work is, while showing little to no concerned of sympathy to the solders injuries. He's very proud of the accomplishment running the war as he has shown to have a degree signed by him.

In History Edit

Johannes Gutenberg was a printer and publisher who helped in creating the printing press. At this time it was the most well received revolutionary invention that changed the world. He laid out the basics for the renaissance era, and he was the first person in Europe to use it along with a movable type.

Gallery Edit

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