John Hancock
John Hancock-3

Historical Position

American Patriot


Member of Sons of Liberty

First Appearance

Tea Time for Time Squad

Last Appearance

Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag

Voiced by

Roger Rose

John Hancock (1737-1793) was an American patriot and the first Governor of Massachusetts. He was one of the Founding Fathers. 

In the Show Edit

He makes his debut in "Tea Time for Time Squad". Hancock is a member of the civilized Sons of Liberty who have fancy tea parties instead of protesting taxes. Like the other members, Hancock hates violence, and only agrees to try Tuddrussel's training for the fun of it. He sneaks away from the Boston Tea Party with the other members to have another tea party. When the Sons run out of tea, he drinks Otto's coffee, which energizes him and turns him into a hooligan. He joins Adams in dumping the British tea to let off his energy.

He later appears in "Betsy Ross Flies Her Freak Flag". Time Squad checks in on Adams and Hancock to see if they are still rebels, which they are. The two are still coffee-crazy and have started head-butting each other and playing air guitars during their dialogue. After Otto gives up on turning Washington's hippie men into an army, Hancock and Adams give the men coffee to turn them into hooligans.

Appearance Edit

John Hancock

Hancock before trying coffee.

Hancock is a short, stout man. Before he was introduced to coffee, Hancock wore a white wig and powdered his face. He wore an aqua-blue suit and small buckled shoes.

After trying coffee, Hancock now wears a pale green undershirt that doesn't cover his belly and green pants with black shoes. He has brown hair.

Personality Edit

Before trying coffee, Hancock was a happy, civilized man who had tea parties with the Sons of Liberty. He was and is good friends with Adams. After drinking coffee, Hancock now speaks with an American accent and is a typical hooligan. He often exclaims "Wicked-A!" and head-butts Adams. He even headbutts George Washington.

In Real HistoryEdit

John Hancock was one of the Founding Fathers of America, and is remembered for his fancy signature on the Declaration of Independence. While he wasn't a primary member of the Sons of Liberty, he was wealthy and used his wealth to support their cause. He was as well one of Boston's leaders during the crisis that led to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War in 1775. He was known to be good friends with Samuel Adams.

Trivia Edit

  • Hancock is large while Adams is skinny, but these appearances are reversed in real history.
  • Historically, Hancock only helped the Sons of Liberty with smuggling, yet he was a primary member in the episode.