King of Troy
King of Troy

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King of Troy


King of Troy

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Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse

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Glenn Shadix

The King of Troy appears in "Never Look a Trojan in the Gift Horse," where he is celebrating his birthday during the Trojan War.

In the episode, he receives gifts from different countries, including golden cats from the Egyptians. Sinon, a Greek warrior in charge of the Trojan Horse operation, wants to give the King a gift for his birthday instead of destroying Troy because Greeks are the best gift-givers. He gives the King several gifts that are all distributed in large, wooden animals, and the gifts could be found by pulling a lever on the animals. The first two wooden animals have candy and chocolate in them, but the King tells his servants to throw them away because he hates sweet foods. Finally, Sinon sends the King a wooden soldier full of wild Spanish horses, which destroy Troy and run over the King, thus winning the war for the Greeks.


The King of Troy is dressed in a purple cloak and he wears a crown over an apparently balding spot on his head. His hair is white, and he has a long white beard. When seen standing by his main servant, he is shown to be considerably shorter.


While receiving his gifts, the King is seen as rather bored, especially when he predictably recieves a golden cat from the Egyptians. He is a bit excited when he sees the Trojan Horse because it is his largest present, perhaps showing his more extravagant tastes. One interesting fact to note is that the King isn't suspicious of the Greeks giving him presents while they are at war, though this is probably because he knows the Greeks enjoy showing off. After receiving two disappointing gifts from the Greeks, the King is annoyed by the arrival of the third gift. He panics when he sees the horses destroying Troy.

In HistoryEdit

In history, the King of Troy during the Trojan War was Priam, who was known as a courageous leader. This is obviously not the case in the episode, where the King panics and is run over by terrified citizens and horses.