Kublai Khan

Historical Position

Mongolian Emperor


Emperor and Comic Book Nerd

Appeared in

Kubla Khan't

Voiced by

Patrick Fraley

Kublai Khan was a Mongolian emperor of medieval China and the grandson of famous conqueror Genghis Khan. He appears in "Kubla Khan't."

In the episode, Kublai is a comic book nerd who prefers reading and collecting his "graphic novels" to conquering other nations. He is seen ignoring his "Grandpa Genghis," who tries to convince him that conquering is better than comics, to no avail. Tuddrussel convinces Larry and Otto to let him deal with Kublai himself, but he infuriates Kublai when he shreds a valuable comic right in front of him. He is then sentenced to execution while Kublai prepares to invade other nations for another copy of the comic. While Larry and Otto are working on Tuddrussel's escape, Kublai finds Tuddrussel's magazine with blueprints for a new laser cannon, which he uses to build one for himself. He then prepares a march with his army to find another comic with the gun, which he drops in fear after seeing XJ5's hologram.


Kublai is a very short man with black hair dressed in a green robe and a matching green hat. He wears small round glasses and has a very slight mustache and beard.


Kublai is a spoiled and selfish emperor, but is very powerful because of the strength of his army. He is a typical comic book nerd, fearful of anyone else touching his comics because he is fearful of losing their value. He didn't want to conquer other nations because he was preoccupied with his comics, so Tuddrussel actually did set him straight by ripping the comic because this led him to leading his army to other nations to find another copy. He is frightened of dragons.

In HistoryEdit

Kublai Khan was a Mongol emperor and grandson of Genghis Khan. He created the Yuan Dynasty, which made China extremely powerful.

According to OttoEdit

"Grandson of Genghis Khan; He was one of China’s most famous emperors."



  • Kublai didn't actually become emperor until 1260, but this episode takes place in 1251.
  • It is still unknown how Khan can build the particle incinerator judging by the fact that even with the blue print the technology behind the energy gun is still too complex to be understood clearly by ancient people at the time.