Lincoln Gang

Notable Member

Abraham Lincoln

Appeared in

Dishonest Abe

The Lincoln Gang was a fictional group formed by Abraham Lincoln when he grew tired of being called "Honest Abe." The gang appears in "Dishonest Abe."

In the episode, the Lincoln Gang's leader is Lincoln, and he is seen to have at least 4 other members. The gang's main goal is to prank other people in town, seen accomplished by TP'ing houses, writing in shaving cream, tipping cows, giving citizens wedgies, and ding-dong ditching houses. The gang's hideout is the "Evil Log Mansion." Time Squad is briefly allowed to join the gang as a part of Otto's plan to go undercover, but the three appear to leave the gang when they are unable to change Lincoln back to normal. When Time Squad continually pranks Lincoln, he gives up pranks and resumes his "honest" role as President, so it can be assumed that the gang is dissolved.


There are four known members of the Lincoln Gang other than Time Squad and Lincoln:

  • A dark, tall man who wears a brown hat, coat, tie, and has brown hair and gloves. He answers the door to the "Evil Log Mansion," and reads the telegraph. He speaks with a slightly Southern accent.
  • A tall, blond woman with a low-necked blue dress and a small blue hat.
  • A small boy with a old-style gray cap covering his eyes. He has red hair and a bandage on his cheek, and dresses in a small coat and shorts.
  • A short man with red hair and a small bowler hat. He dresses in a small brown suit and has a bushy mustache.



The Lincoln Gang eating Otto's prank chocolates.