Neil Armstrong
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First Man to walk on the Moon

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Daddio DaVinci

Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut, and the first man on the Moon. He is mentioned indirectly in "Daddio DaVinci."

In the episode, Otto is quizzing Tuddrussel on famous people with flash cards. The History Instability Alarm interrupts the quizzing session, and Larry states that the next mission is with Leonardo Da Vinci. With his mind still on the flash cards, Tuddrussel then guesses that Da Vinci was the first man on the Moon. Once Otto describes Da Vinci, Tuddrussel is still puzzled, and asks when he landed on the Moon.

In HistoryEdit

Neil Armstrong was famous for being the first man on the Moon, and for saying the famous phrase: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

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