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Planet of the Flies
Season 1, Episode 14a
Episode28 Title
Mission WW273
Historical Figure/Event Cavemen, Edward II, Fly City
Time Stone Age, Medieval England, 3000 AD
Place Unknown, Medieval England, Fly City
Aired March 1, 2002
Storyboards by Brandon Kruse
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When Tuddrussel squashes a fly in the Stone Age, it causes a butterfly effect where the future is ruled by giant flies.


On the satellite, Larry has prepared a meal for Otto and Tuddrussel, but he notices that Tuddrussel has been careless about time travel lately. He berates Tuddrussel for stealing so many historical objects, since Time Squad is all about "minimal interference," but Tuddrussel ignores him as usual. The History Instability Alarm goes off, and the team sees that the mission involves cavemen before they depart.

The cavemen are having trouble discovering fire, and Otto is unsure of how to help. Impatient, Tuddrussel shoots the cavemens' meat with his laser gun, making an explosive fire. The team is ready to leave when Tuddrussel suddenly swats a fly that lands on him. This shocks Larry and Otto, who have been trying to make only little interferences in time, and Larry's arm computer suddenly beeps to signal another mission.

The team arrives in medieval England, where a kingdom has been charred. A lone king greets Time Squad, explaining that all of his knights have been devoured by a gigantic fly monster. The team realizes that this resulted from Tuddrussel killing the fly, which led the species to overcompensate over thousands of years. Tuddrussel is then carried off by the fly monster, but it merely carries him around in circles for several hours. Eventually, Tuddrussel blows it up with one of his antimatter grenades, but when he falls back to the ground, Larry's arm computer beeps again for another mission.

The team arrives on a beach, and, after Larry makes a sighting of the Statue of Liberty and breaks down, they are surrounded by horse-riding fly people. The team is believed to be deserting, so they are arrested and taken to trial, where the judge prematurely declares them guilty and sentences them to the Poo Mines. Before they are taken, Otto has an idea and tells Larry to take them back to 5 minutes before Tuddrussel swatted the fly.

Back in the stone age, the team watches as the past Tuddrussel shoots the cavemen's fire. Right before he swats the fly, the future Tuddrussel stops him, telling him that his team is from the future. Past Tuddrussel believes they are from "some Bizarro universe" and cautions his team. He gets upset when future Tuddrussel asserts his authority, and the two start fighting. The Larrys and Ottos end up following suit, though not for the same reasons. 

Eventually, (much later) the future Tuddrussel wears out the past Tuddrussel, who gives in. All of the fights end, and while future Tuddrussel celebrates, he is approached by a bee. He panics and squishes the bee, setting off the Larrys' arm computers and infuriating everyone else.



  • The title of the episode is based on the film, Planet of the Apes. All events also parody the film when Time Squad is in 3000 AD.
  • Tuddrussel stole Isaac Newton's apple, Davy Crockett's coonskin cap, and the Declaration of Independence.
  • Error: The document that Tuddrussel uses as a napkin is actually the Constitution of the United States, not the Declaration of Independence, as Larry says.
  • Tuddrussel talks about being in a "Bizarro" universe, which is probably referring to Bizarro from Superman or evil twins in general.