Prince John
Prince John

Historical Position

Future King of England



Appeared in

Robin' N Stealin' With Mr. Hood

Voiced by

S. Scott Bullock

Prince John was the future King of England, reigning from 1199 to 1216 AD. He appears in the episode "Robin' N Stealin' With Mr. Hood."

In the episode, Prince John is the leader of a club of rich people that holds parties in a small castle. Robin Hood wants to fit in with these rich people, but the Prince says that only the "obscenely rich" may join his club. Robin Hood then tries to please the Prince by giving him treasure he stole from the poor, but the poor ended up having no real treasure, so Robin Hood ended up giving the Prince half-eaten food and old items. The Prince is disgusted by this, and orders his guards to throw out Robin Hood and Time Squad.


Prince John is a middle-aged man dressed in royal clothing, wearing a blue tunic, tights, and breeches. He wears a large red and gold crown as well as a large red cape, and he often waves the diamond ring on his finger while talking. He has blonde hair down to just above his neckline, and he has a small beard and small whiskers.


Prince John is very pompous, as he lives a comfortably rich life around other rich people. He allows Robin Hood to speak with him briefly, but calls him a peasant and orders him to be thrown out. He often holds the diamond ring on his finger out while he talks, allowing it to glitter, showing his vain taste.

In HistoryEdit

King John was the King of England after his brother, King Richard. He has been described as a decent ruler, but also as petty, spiteful, and cruel. He commonly appears as a villain in Robin Hood stories.