Sitting Bull was a Native American tribal chief from the 1800s. He appears in the episode, "Keepin' It Real With Sitting Bull."

In the episode, Sitting Bull is going through a midlife crisis right before he is attacked by General Custer, so Time Squad needs to get him to lead his people into battle. Due to a misinterpretation of one of his visions, Sitting Bull believes he is meant to enjoy himself by partying and goofing off. Otto initially tries to get him tired of partying by joining in, but that fails.

Eventually, Otto gets the idea to use one of Larry's holograms to make Sitting Bull believe he is having another vision from an ancestor, which tells Sitting Bull to prepare his people for battle against Custer. Although upset by this, Sitting Bull obeys and proceeds into battle.


Sitting Bull wears a Lakota headdress (but with horns on it) and traditional beads around his neck, but his main outfit is a white '70's tuxedo with brown boots. He has a rather large nose, and has red face paint under each of his eyes. His black hair is just barely visible under his headdress. Before his vision, he did not wear the tuxedo jacket.


Sitting Bull is generally seen as obnoxious by everyone in the episode because he chooses to act like a teenager instead of a leader. He is proud of his transformation, and doesn't really pay attention to the actual needs of his people, preferring to party with teenagers instead. Despite how he ignores his responsibilities, he is extremely respectful of his ancestors' wishes, accepting the idea that they wanted him to be a good leader and to face Custer. Otto suggests that he misinterpreted the first vision because he only heard what he wanted to hear.

In HistoryEdit

Sitting Bull was a Lakota chief from the 1800's. He led his people to victory over General Custer's men after having a vision of it.

According to Otto Edit

"He led the Sioux nation against General Custer in the Battle of Little Big Horn."



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