Sons of Liberty

Notable Members

Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Benjamin Rush

Appeared in

Tea Time for Time Squad

The Sons of Liberty was a group of American revolutionaries that opposed the British taxes set by the King. They appear as a civilized club in "Tea Time for Time Squad."

Although the Sons were best known for being radical patriots, they appear as fancy, civilized gentlemen who like having actual tea parties instead of protesting against Britain. Tuddrussel convinces the group to train to be radicals, but they eventually give up. Larry seems to join them temporarily before Otto transforms them into hooligans with coffee, sending them out to act in the Boston Tea Party. The two most notable members in the episode are Samuel Adams and John Hancock, but Paul Revere and Benjamin Rush, who appear in later episodes, were also known members.

In HistoryEdit

The Sons of Liberty was an underground organization against Parliament and the Crown. Its motto was "No taxation without representation." The Sons of Liberty is most famous for its opposition of the Tea Act, represented by the Boston Tea Party.