The Clownfather
Season 2, Episode 3a
The Clownfather Titlecard
Mission JX4435
Historical Figure/Event Al Capone
Time 1925
Place Chicago, Illinois
Aired April 19, 2002
Directed by Dave Wasson
Written by Michael Karnow, Dave Wasson and Carlos Ramos
Storyboards by Ed Baker
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Synopsis Edit

The Time Squad travel to the 1920's, where they see the great gangster Al Capone, has made himself and his men clowns.

Plot Edit

We open up to the control room where Larry is just pulling up their assignment. On the computer screen the following appears; Al Capone, 1925, Chicago Illinois with a real life image of Capone on the side of the screen.

Otto explains that Capone was one of the most notorious gangsters of all time.

They zap into Chicago right as a bank robbery is taking place and take cover. Otto notes that with the immediate violence taking place that "It really is Chicago in 1925!" A car pulls up in front of them, and the driver demands that they get in with him and they do so without hesitation.

It turns out that the man was waiting for three of his partners in the mob who had just robbed the bank, mistaking the Time Squad for the three gangsters who suspicously look like them; Tuddrussio, Lenny, and Blotto. The get-away driver doesn't realize the mistake, but hates the idea of going back to Capone without the money.

At Al Capone's hide out, Capone doesn't recognize the fact right away that he's not addressing to his three gangsters. When Larry tells him that they don't have the money, Capone tells them that it's a good thing that they're dealing with the "New Capone", because the "Old Capone" would have them killed. He goes on to explain that from now on, there's not going to be any more usual gangster business around here. But instead they're going take things into a new direction. Capone then orders his goons to send in the clowns- literally. A group of party clowns are shoved into the room. Capone explains that he plans on making Clowning his professional business, and allowing the real clowns to take over the Mob.

Otto asks why Capone would want to trade places with a bunch of clowns, and Capone gives a sad tale about his childhood; In a flashback from when Capone was a little boy, his father hired a clown named Ho-Ho to perform for his fifth birthday. But Ho-Ho was a deadbeat loser who ruined little Al's party. Capone reasons that he wants to trade places with clowns so no other child has to go through what he did, especially his own son, Little Al Jr. who's birthday is coming up.

The Time Squad and Capone's gang get dressed up in clown attire and go to the house where a child's birthday party is taking place. At first things were going well, with the gangsters acting on their best behavior for the kids. Tuddrussel is seen balancing a piano on his nose, which Larry can't help but try to make him slip up by tossing a banana peel down near his feet. Tuddrussel ends up stepping on it and slipping, causing the piano to fall and crush the birthday boy, Billy. Billy's mother sees this and screams for he child, calling the clowns "monsters" for squashing her son. Panicking, the gang flee the scene of the crime.

Back at the hide out, Capone is saddened by the dark turn of events of the party. And then when things are already looking bad, one of his goons hands him the evening newspaper that has the headline: "Clowns Make Crime a Joke". In the streets of Chicago the clowns are doing everything that Capone's crime syndicate was doing, but with a twisted edge. Drive by shootings became "Drive- PIE shootings" where the victim gets hit with cream pies instead of bullets. And people playing Blackjack are at risk of actually being hit if they dare say "hit me", while in game. Capone sees the clowns work at the casino with disgust, and regrets his plan.

The following day is Little Al Jr.'s birthday party. And ones that are entertaining the kids are the actual clowns that Capone had traded places with. Capone tells the guys that he's learned a lesson that a life of crime is the only life for him, but hasn't left the world of clowning forever. He implies ill-intentions by pointing a gun at a clown who dropped a ball in his juggling act, and says that he'll be keeping an eye on the clowns.

The time squad then step outside and zap back to the satellite about 3 seconds before Tuddrussio, Lenny, and Blotto come up, exhausted after their ordeal.  Tuddrussio says that it's good to be home; when Billy's mother shouts "There they are." The mother is shown with some policemen, and Billy, in a body cast. And seems to have mistaken the gangsters for Time Squad and watches in satisfaction as the cops beat up the gangsters.

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