Time Squad's Mission

Explained in

Napoleon the Conquered

Enforcing the past to protect our future.

Time Squad's Mission is to repair flaws in history continually to keep it the way it's supposed to be. There are multiple Time Squad units to make the job easier. The mission of Time Squad has been described multiple times in the series, with Larry's description in "Napoleon the Conquered" being the most descriptive.

By LarryEdit

"Think of time as a section of rope. As Earth moves forward through time, more rope is formed. Recently it was discovered that as time grew older, it began to decay, or “unravel,” as it were, and this disintegration of the past begins to create disastrous results in our future. Let’s say that because of this instability in the past, the dodo bird never becomes extinct, and because of this, a young Henry Ford is attacked by one of these filthy creatures. He is so traumatized by the experience that he never invents the auto assembly line, or the Model T. Without this primitive automobile as a jumping-off point, we in the future are suddenly without our fancy solar-powered hover cars. That’s why we have to constantly repair the past and keep our future strong."

-from "Napoleon the Conquered."

By TuddrusselEdit

"You see, history is very unstable. Anyway, it's a time cop's job to monitor history and make sure nothing changes so that the future stays the way it is: perfect...A time cop's motto is, "Enforcing the past to protect our future." "

-from "Eli Whitney's Flesh-Eating Mistake."