Cartoon Network Promo - Time Squad01:04

Cartoon Network Promo - Time Squad

The commercial in which the song was used.

Time Squad, also known as This Is the Time Squad, is a promotional song created for the Cartoon Network. It was performed by The Fire with Michael Kohler and Steve Patrick.[citation needed]

Lyrics Edit

Trojan Horses full o' candy
Poet Poe is feelin' dandy
Sigmund Freud's a hypnotizin'
Buffalo Bill so scared of lies
Fleecin' serfs is Robin's job
"ALL HAIL CAESAR!" What a slob
Confucius he just won't stop talking
Winston Churchill naked walkin'
Albert Einstein what a loss
Tie-dyed hippie Betsy Ross
Houdini the king of crime
Mean Abe Lincoln wedgie time
Time to set your clocks and watches
So screwed up they'll make you nauseous
This is the Time Squad!

Otto's the youngest and doesn't have parents
Tuddrussel's muscles will guarantee clearance
The Larry 3000's the brains of the team
So tune in and watch and you'll see what we mean
Cause Whitney's a makin' a robot who'll bite ya
And Ludwig will wrassle and grapple and fight ya
Napoleon Bonaparte's wife's got him whipped
Leonardo the poet has finally flipped
History's a lot more fun
Blasted with a laser gun
Heroes like you've never seen
A boy, a man, and a machine
What's the basic lesson here?
Don't you worry, never fear
This is the Time Squad!

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