Time Squad Officer


Time Squad Officer

Appeared in


Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson

The Time Squad Officer is the generic officer in Time Squad. He appears in "Recruitment" to advertise working for Time Squad.

He is first seen on a mission where he saves George Washington and his men in The Battle of Bunker Hill from the British. Washington thanks him, and he is revealed to be from Time Squad. The announcer then takes over as the officer is seen in historical events or with historical people. World War I, Vikings, saber-toothed tigers, World War II's battle of Iwo Jima, The Wild West, mountain climbing, Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Annie Oakley, and Attila the Hun are shown as the announcer talks about the action, time travel, technology, and food that comes with the job. The officer also sings a rock song to promote Time Squad.


The officer is muscular with a chiseled chin. He wears the standard Time Squad uniform: a white and black suit with a black mask that has two antennae on the sides. He also wears yellow and red goggles and has a large yellow belt, along with a badge on his chest.


The Time Squad recruitment video is a parody of 1980s action cartoons. Because of this, the Time Squad officer is depicted as a typical 1980s hero: strong, responsible, determined, and attractive.


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