Todd Washington Carver
Todd W Carver


Evil Scientist

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Kevin Michael Richardson

Todd Washington Carver is the fictional younger brother of George Washington Carver. He appears in "Nutorious."

In the episode, Todd W Carver is upset that everyone has always admired the work of his older brother George W Carver, so he has a plan to get the town to hate him and peanuts. He has his henchmen hand out free peanuts to the citizens of Tuskegee, then arrives at a ceremony for his brother, where he launches peanut pellets and a smelly peanut gas that prove that peanuts are evil. He then pushes a button that hypnotizes everyone who ate his free peanuts so they will attack George W Carver and the mayor. Tuddrussel arrives in Todd's blimp and confronts him, leading to a struggle over Tuddrussel's new laser. When Todd activates the laser that Tuddrussel was looking for, he tries to remember which button it was and hits the self-destruct button, blowing up the blimp. He is then arrested by the authorities.


Todd is a tall, skinny man with slightly balding brown hair. He wears a green suit and a red bow tie, along with small black shoes. He has two parts of a thin mustache that bend away from each other at his mouth.


Todd is a classic villain, driven to use his talents for evil because he wasn't appreciated, and using them against someone who was appreciated. He doesn't think George W Carver's uses for the peanut are helpful, partly because he hates peanuts, so he hates that his brother is honored so much for them. By hypnotizing the citizens, Todd hoped to prove that peanuts are evil while also getting rid of his successful brother.