Wilbur Wright

Historical Position

Co-Inventor of Airplane


Inventor and Stuntman

Appeared in

If It's Wright It's Wrong

Voiced by

Joe Alaskey

Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) was the brother of Orville Wright, and the two brothers were the inventors of the first successful airplane.

In the Show Edit

Wilbur and Orville appear in the episode "If It's Wright It's Wrong". In the episode, Wilbur and Orville are inventors who own a bicycle shop, but they enjoy performing in stunt shows even though they have no extreme stunts. Otto advises them to use their inventions in their show in an attempt to get them to create the airplane, but the brothers invent a catapult and a bike with rockets attached to it instead. Wilbur is only the announcer of the stunts, while Orville is the stuntman. 

Tuddrussel directly tells the brothers to build the airplane, but they use it as a balance pole in a high wire act. The two then fall when their support is broken, and the propeller of the airplane starts spinning, flying the brothers away. The two are then made famous for inventing the airplane.

Appearance Edit

Wilbur is a tall, skinny, balding man with black hair and a cleft chin. During the boring stunt shows, he wore a blue striped swimsuit-type outfit and brown shoes.

While using inventions, he wore an aviator's cap and goggles and wore a red cape over a white shirt. He wore a belt with a "W" on it and brown gloves and boots to look like a stuntman, even though he only participated in the high wire stunt. When the two brothers are famous, he wears a blue bowler hat, a white shirt under a red vest, and a brown jacket with a blue tie.

Personality Edit

Wilbur is an eccentric inventor and announcer, thinking up dangerous stunts without really thinking his inventions through. He is very close to his brother Orville, but doesn't seem to care enough about his safety to take his place as a stuntman.

In Real HistoryEdit

Wilbur Wright was brother of Orville Wright, and the two were bicycle repairmen before inventing the first world's controlled airplane. The two brothers were from Dayton, Ohio, but they are known for testing gliders in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Although not the first to build experimental aircraft, the Wright brothers were the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed-wing powered flight possible.