William Clark

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Lewis and Clark and Larry

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Gregg Berger

William Clark (1770-1838) was an American explorer, famous for being a part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the early 1800's.

In the Show Edit

He appears in "Lewis and Clark and Larry". In the episode, Clark has grown tired of exploring with Lewis, so he breaks up their relationship in a fashion similar to that of a dating couple. He is later found in his messy campsite by Otto and Tuddrussel, who are invited to explore with him. Unfortunately for Otto and Tuddrussel, Clark is a mediocre explorer, not knowing how to read maps and neglecting to bring any food. He gets the team lost and angers a bear before he is discovered by Lewis, who has been traveling comfortably with Larry. Clark then admits that he needs Lewis and the two restore their friendship, leaving after Clark jealously punches Larry.

Appearance Edit

Clark is a large, but short man who wears a brown adventuring outfit. He wears a coonskin cap over his blond hair and carries a small powder horn on his belt. His outfit has brown tassels on his elbows and shoulders.

Personality Edit

Clark is an explorer, but he hardly deserves the title with his inability to read maps or to remember to bring supplies. He keeps a messy campsite without Lewis, originally happy because he believed he had more freedom. While traveling with Otto and Tuddrussel, he finds himself getting lost constantly, and he has trouble finding food. He is generally lazy and ill-tempered, and probably completely relying on Lewis while they travel together. When he realizes how much he needs Lewis, he treats him as a best friend, calling him "Lewie" and jealously punching Larry.

In Real HistoryEdit

William Clark was an American explorer, soldier, and Indian agent, most famous for adventuring with Meriwether Lewis on the expedition through the Louisiana Purchase to establish trade with the natives near the Missouri River before European nations. He was also a former member of the U.S. Army before the expedition and was known to keep a detailed journal.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike his portrayal in the show, Clark is known in history as being an adept adventurer.
  • Despite being best friends, Lewis and Clark only address each other by their last names.