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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Historical Position

Austrian Composer in Classical Era


Professional Wrestler

Appeared in

Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer from the Classical Era, from the late 1700's. He appears as a composer-turned-wrestler in "Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher."

In the episode, Mozart is one of the classical composers who followed Beethoven in becoming a professional wrestler.  He goes by the wrestling name of "Sharkman Mozart," and wears a fin on his head while wrestling. He has presumably been defeated by Beethoven already, and he is Tuddrussel's third opponent and victory.


Mozart has a very strong upper body and fights in a semi-shark-themed outfit. He wears blue shorts and a purple-gray shark fin on his head. He fights bare-foot and has a tattoo of "S" and "M" on his stomach.


Unknown, as he has no speaking role. 

In HistoryEdit

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer who was adept at composing music from a very young age. He composed over 600 pieces of classical music and was known to be friends with Haydn.


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